#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
U19AA-02Fri, Oct 2218:30Jonathan Toews South2Angels6FlamesScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-03Sat, Oct 2317:15East End 22Angels4FlamesScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-04Mon, Oct 2520:30Steinbach T G Smith7Flames1MagicScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-06Tue, Nov 1620:45Seven Oaks Red1Magic2FlamesScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-07Sat, Nov 2017:15East End 23Angels4FlamesScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
Sun, Nov 2117:45Niverville CRRCFlamesScheduled ExhibitionU19 AA
U19AA-09Sat, Nov 2715:15Oakbank ONE Insurance4Flames3AngelsScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-10Sun, Nov 2813:00Mitchell7Flames1MagicScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-11Tue, Nov 3020:15Seven Oaks Red3Magic2FlamesScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
Sat, Dec 416:15East End 2FlamesFlamesScheduled ExhibitionU19 AA
U19AA-12Tue, Dec 1420:15Seven Oaks Red1Magic5FlamesScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-14Sun, Dec 1913:00Mitchell7Flames2AngelsScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-28Sat, Jan 816:00East End 2FlamesMagicCancelled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-16Sat, Jan 2213:00Beausejour SunGro3Flames6AngelsScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-17Sun, Jan 2313:00Mitchell4Flames1MagicScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-18Tue, Jan 2520:15Seven Oaks Red2Magic4FlamesScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-19Sat, Jan 2917:15East End 23Angels3FlamesScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-21Sat, Feb 513:45Ste. AgatheFlamesAngelsCancelled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-22Sun, Feb 610:30MitchellFlamesMagicCancelled Round RobinU19 AA
Sun, Feb 618:00Niverville CRRCFlamesBlaze 2.0Scheduled ExhibitionU19 AA
U19AA-24Sat, Feb 1217:15East End 2AngelsFlamesCancelled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-31Sat, Feb 1219:45Landmark9Flames4MagicScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-25Sun, Feb 1310:30Mitchell2Flames1MagicScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
Sun, Feb 1316:00LandmarkFlamesBlaze 2.0Scheduled ExhibitionU19 AA
U19AA-30Tue, Feb 1520:30Landmark5Flames3AngelsScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
U19AA-26Sat, Feb 1917:15East End 21Angels6FlamesScheduled Round RobinU19 AA
Sun, Feb 2716:00LandmarkFlamesFlamesScheduled ExhibitionU19 AA
Sat, Mar 513:00LandmarkFlamesFlamesScheduled ExhibitionU19 AA
Sat, Mar 515:30LandmarkFlamesFlamesScheduled ExhibitionU19 AA
19aa-4Thu, Mar 1020:00Seven Oaks Blue3Flames2AngelsScheduled FinalU19AA
19aa-5Sat, Mar 1210:15Seven Oaks Red5Angels11FlamesScheduled FinalU19AA
19aa-6Sun, Mar 1318:00Seven Oaks RedFlamesAngelsCancelled TurnaroundU19AA
Sun, Mar 2718:00Niverville CRRCFlamesFlamesScheduled ExhibitionU19 AA

U19 AA

Flames is ranked #1 in the U19 AA Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games

U14 AA

Flames is ranked #2 in the U14 AA Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Flames U1460512534011
#2Angels U1450610405311
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