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Game Schedule

Jan 5, 2018 - Mar 26, 2019

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
19-4Fri, Jan 517:15East End 124Scheduled Round RobinU19
19-5Mon, Jan 1520:30Seven Oaks Blue67Scheduled Round RobinU19
19-6Fri, Jan 2617:15East End 144Scheduled Round RobinU19
19-7Fri, Feb 1617:15East End 176Scheduled Round RobinU19
19-8Mon, Feb 2619:15Seven Oaks BlueScheduled Round RobinU19
19-1Tue, Oct 920:30Seven Oaks Blue41Scheduled Round RobinU19
U19-EX-1Tue, Oct 2320:30Seven Oaks RedScheduled ExhibitionU19
19-2Sat, Oct 2717:15East End 113Scheduled Round RobinU19
U19-EX-2Sat, Nov 314:30Seven Oaks BlueScheduled ExhibitionU19
19-3Tue, Nov 2020:30Seven Oaks Red52Scheduled Round RobinU19
EX19-2Sat, Dec 114:00Gateway BlueScheduled ExhibitionU19
Tue, Dec 1820:30Seven Oaks RedScheduled ExhibitionU19
194Sat, Jan 517:15East End 224Scheduled Round RobinU19
195Tue, Jan 1520:30Seven Oaks Red67Scheduled Round RobinU19
196Sat, Jan 2620:30Sam Southern44Scheduled Round RobinU19
197-RTue, Feb 1220:30Seven Oaks Red76Rescheduled Round RobinU19
U19-EX-5Sat, Feb 1617:15East End 2Scheduled ExhibitionU19
197Sat, Feb 1620:30East End 2Cancelled Round RobinU19
U19-EX-4Sat, Feb 2314:15Seven Oaks RedScheduled ExhibitionU19
198Tue, Feb 2619:15Seven Oaks Red32Scheduled Round RobinU19
U19-EX-3Sat, Mar 210:30River EastScheduled ExhibitionU19
TRN19-1Fri, Mar 1519:00River EastScheduled ExhibitionU19
TRN19-3Sat, Mar 1618:00Billy MosienkoScheduled ExhibitionU19
TRN19-5Sun, Mar 1710:30St James Civic CentreScheduled ExhibitionU19
TRN19-7Mon, Mar 1819:00Seven Oaks BlueScheduled ExhibitionU19
U19-EX-6Tue, Mar 2619:00Seven Oaks BlueScheduled ExhibitionOpen Elite