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Game Schedule

Oct 9, 2018 - Mar 2, 2019

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
16-1Tue, Oct 919:15Seven Oaks Blue32Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-2Sat, Oct 1316:00East End 164Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-6Sat, Oct 2716:00East End 132Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-10Thu, Nov 819:45Richmond Kings32Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-12Sat, Nov 1019:15Sam Southern31Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-14Sun, Nov 1820:15River East72Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-15Tue, Nov 2019:15Seven Oaks Red77Scheduled Round RobinU16
1616Sun, Nov 2516:00Landmark65Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-18Sat, Dec 116:00East End 161Scheduled Round RobinU16
1622Sat, Dec 1511:30Oakbank ONE Insurance12Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-26Sat, Jan 516:00East End 1Cancelled Round RobinU16
Sat, Jan 516:00East End 275Scheduled ExhibitionU16
16-26-RSun, Jan 620:15River East51Rescheduled Round RobinU16
16-27Tue, Jan 1519:15Seven Oaks Red55Scheduled Round RobinU16
U16X1Tue, Jan 2220:30LandmarkScheduled ExhibitionU16
16-28Sat, Jan 2619:15Sam Southern36Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-30Sun, Jan 2714:15Richmond Kings53Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-32Sun, Feb 1014:15Richmond Kings44Scheduled Round RobinU16
1634Thu, Feb 1420:30LandmarkCancelled Round RobinU16
16-34Thu, Feb 1420:30Landmark25Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-35Sat, Feb 1616:00East End 243Scheduled Round RobinU16
16-36Sat, Feb 2314:45East End 255Scheduled Round RobinU16
CC-2Sat, Mar 213:00Winakwa (Outdoor)Scheduled ExhibitionU16