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Feb 19, 2018 - Mar 18, 2018

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
14aa-1Mon, Feb 1908:00Stonewall Ice Palace73Scheduled Round RobinU14AA
14aa-2Mon, Feb 1908:30Stonewall VMSC76Scheduled Round RobinU14AA
19a-1Mon, Feb 1909:15Stonewall Ice Palace104Scheduled Round RobinU19A
19a-2Mon, Feb 1909:45Stonewall VMSC56Scheduled Round RobinU19A
OE-1Mon, Feb 1910:30Stonewall Ice Palace92Scheduled Round RobinOpen Elite
OE-2Mon, Feb 1911:00Stonewall VMSC34Scheduled Round RobinOpen Elite
16a-1Mon, Feb 1911:45Stonewall Ice Palace65Scheduled Double KOU16A
16a-3Mon, Feb 1912:15Stonewall VMSC43Scheduled Double KOU16A
14aa-3Mon, Feb 1913:15Stonewall Ice Palace65Scheduled Round RobinU14AA
14aa-4Mon, Feb 1913:45Stonewall VMSC45Scheduled Round RobinU14AA
19a-3Mon, Feb 1914:30Stonewall Ice Palace63Scheduled Round RobinU19A
19a-4Mon, Feb 1915:00Stonewall VMSC34Scheduled Round RobinU19A
OE-3Mon, Feb 1915:45Stonewall Ice Palace43Scheduled Round RobinOpen Elite
OE-4Mon, Feb 1917:00Stonewall Ice Palace810Scheduled Round RobinOpen Elite
16a-2Mon, Feb 1918:15Stonewall Ice Palace54Scheduled Double KOU16A
14aa-5Tue, Feb 2018:00Stonewall Ice Palace15Scheduled Round RobinU14AA
19a-5Tue, Feb 2019:15Stonewall Ice Palace65Scheduled Round RobinU19A
OE-5Tue, Feb 2020:30Stonewall Ice Palace76Scheduled Round RobinOpen Elite
16a-4Wed, Feb 2118:00Stonewall VMSC06Scheduled Double KOU16A
16a-5Wed, Feb 2119:15Stonewall VMSC54Scheduled Double KOU16A
19a-6Wed, Feb 2120:30Stonewall VMSC82Scheduled Round RobinU19A
14aa-6Fri, Feb 2318:00Stonewall VMSC34Scheduled Round RobinU14AA
16a-6Fri, Feb 2319:15Stonewall VMSC410Scheduled Double KOU16A
OE-6Fri, Feb 2320:30Stonewall VMSC125Scheduled Round RobinOpen Elite
14aa-7Sat, Feb 2408:30Stonewall Ice Palace54Scheduled Semi-FinalU14AA
OE-7Sat, Feb 2409:45Stonewall Ice Palace95Scheduled Semi-FinalOpen Elite
16a-7Sat, Feb 2410:15Stonewall VMSC74Scheduled Semi-FinalU16A
19a-7Sat, Feb 2411:00Stonewall Ice Palace41Scheduled Semi-FinalU19A
14aa-8Sat, Feb 2411:30Stonewall VMSC34Scheduled FinalU14AA
19a-8Sat, Feb 2412:45Stonewall VMSC81Scheduled FinalU19A
OE-8Sat, Feb 2414:00Stonewall VMSC92Scheduled FinalOpen Elite
14aa-9Sun, Feb 2508:30Stonewall VMSC34Scheduled FinalU14AA
OE-9Sun, Feb 2510:00Stonewall VMSC38Scheduled FinalOpen Elite
16a-8Sun, Feb 2511:30Stonewall VMSC32Scheduled FinalU16A
19a-9Sun, Feb 2513:00Stonewall VMSC25Scheduled FinalU19A
14aa-10Sun, Feb 2514:30Stonewall VMSC54Scheduled TurnaroundU14AA
OE-10Sun, Feb 2515:00Stonewall Ice PalaceCancelled TurnaroundOpen Elite
16a-9Sun, Feb 2516:00Stonewall VMSCWinner of game #8Loser of game #8Cancelled TurnaroundU16A
19a-10Sun, Feb 2517:30Stonewall VMSCCancelled TurnaroundU19A
16AA-1Wed, Mar 718:00Seven Oaks Blue75Scheduled Round RobinU16AA
16AA-2Wed, Mar 719:15Seven Oaks Blue43Scheduled Round RobinU16AA
19AA-1Wed, Mar 720:30Seven Oaks Blue106Scheduled Semi-FinalU19AA
16AA-4Thu, Mar 818:00Seven Oaks Blue35Scheduled Round RobinU16AA
19AA-2Thu, Mar 819:15Seven Oaks Blue42Scheduled Semi-FinalU19AA
16AA-3Thu, Mar 820:30Seven Oaks Blue07Scheduled Round RobinU16AA
16AA-6Fri, Mar 918:00Seven Oaks BlueCancelled TurnaroundU16AA
16AA-5Fri, Mar 919:15Seven Oaks BlueCancelled TurnaroundU16AA
19AA-3Fri, Mar 919:15Seven Oaks Blue64Scheduled TurnaroundU19AA
16AA-8Sat, Mar 1009:00Seven Oaks Red51Scheduled FinalU16AA
19AA-4Sat, Mar 1010:15Seven Oaks Red52Scheduled FinalU19AA
16AA-7Sat, Mar 1011:30Seven Oaks Red43Scheduled Semi-FinalU16AA
19AA-5Sun, Mar 1109:00Seven Oaks Red310Scheduled FinalU19AA
16AA-9Sun, Mar 1110:30Seven Oaks Red24Scheduled FinalU16AA
19AA-6Sun, Mar 1115:15Seven Oaks RedCancelled TurnaroundU19AA
16AA-10Sun, Mar 1116:30Seven Oaks RedCancelled TurnaroundU16AA
12A-1Mon, Mar 1218:00Seven Oaks Blue62Scheduled Round RobinU12A
14B-1Mon, Mar 1218:15Seven Oaks Red109Scheduled Round RobinU14B
12A-2Mon, Mar 1219:15Seven Oaks Blue94Scheduled Round RobinU12A
16B-1Mon, Mar 1219:30Seven Oaks Red32Scheduled Round RobinU16B
O1-1Mon, Mar 1220:30Seven Oaks Blue34Scheduled Round RobinOpen 1
14A-1Tue, Mar 1318:00Seven Oaks Blue82Scheduled Round RobinU14A
14C-1Tue, Mar 1318:15Seven Oaks Red114Scheduled Round RobinU14C
14A-2Tue, Mar 1319:15Seven Oaks Blue65Scheduled Round RobinU14A
14C-2Tue, Mar 1319:30Seven Oaks Red23Scheduled Round RobinU14C
O2-1Tue, Mar 1320:30Seven Oaks Blue25Scheduled Round RobinOpen 2
O2-2Tue, Mar 1320:45Seven Oaks Red64Scheduled Round RobinOpen 2
19B-1Wed, Mar 1418:00Seven Oaks Blue43Scheduled Round RobinU19B
12A-3Wed, Mar 1418:30Seven Oaks Red73Scheduled Round RobinU12A
19B-2Wed, Mar 1419:15Seven Oaks Blue57Scheduled Round RobinU19B
12A-4Wed, Mar 1419:45Seven Oaks Red41Scheduled Round RobinU12A
O1-2Wed, Mar 1420:30Seven Oaks Blue86Scheduled Round RobinOpen 1
14A-3Thu, Mar 1518:00Seven Oaks Red83Scheduled Round RobinU14A
14C-3Thu, Mar 1518:15Seven Oaks Blue25Scheduled Round RobinU14C
14A-4Thu, Mar 1519:15Seven Oaks Red37Scheduled Round RobinU14A
14C-4Thu, Mar 1519:30Seven Oaks Blue64Scheduled Round RobinU14C
O2-3Thu, Mar 1520:30Seven Oaks Red611Scheduled Round RobinOpen 2
O2-4Thu, Mar 1520:45Seven Oaks Blue92Scheduled Round RobinOpen 2
14B-2Fri, Mar 1616:45Seven Oaks Red24Scheduled Round RobinU14B
12A-5Fri, Mar 1617:00Seven Oaks Blue18Scheduled Round RobinU12A
16B-2Fri, Mar 1618:00Seven Oaks Red76Scheduled Round RobinU16B
12A-6Fri, Mar 1618:15Seven Oaks Blue12Scheduled Round RobinU12A
19B-3Fri, Mar 1619:15Seven Oaks Red82Scheduled Round RobinU19B
O1-3Fri, Mar 1619:30Seven Oaks Blue73Scheduled Round RobinOpen 1
19B-4Fri, Mar 1620:30Seven Oaks Red38Scheduled Round RobinU19B
O1-4Fri, Mar 1620:45Seven Oaks Blue52Scheduled Round RobinOpen 1
14B-3Sat, Mar 1708:00Seven Oaks Red46Scheduled Round RobinU14B
14B-4Sat, Mar 1708:15Seven Oaks Blue56Scheduled Round RobinU14B
16B-3Sat, Mar 1709:15Seven Oaks Red61Scheduled Round RobinU16B
16B-4Sat, Mar 1709:30Seven Oaks Blue32Scheduled Round RobinU16B
19B-5Sat, Mar 1710:30Seven Oaks Red35Scheduled Round RobinU19B
19B-6Sat, Mar 1710:45Seven Oaks Blue65Scheduled Round RobinU19B
14A-5Sat, Mar 1711:45Seven Oaks Red28Scheduled Round RobinU14A
14C-5Sat, Mar 1712:00Seven Oaks Blue76Scheduled Round RobinU14C
14A-6Sat, Mar 1713:00Seven Oaks Red56Scheduled Round RobinU14A
14C-6Sat, Mar 1713:15Seven Oaks Blue42Scheduled Round RobinU14C
16B-5Sat, Mar 1714:15Seven Oaks Red62Scheduled Round RobinU16B
14B-5Sat, Mar 1714:30Seven Oaks Blue95Scheduled Round RobinU14B
16B-6Sat, Mar 1715:30Seven Oaks Red45Scheduled Round RobinU16B
14B-6Sat, Mar 1715:45Seven Oaks Blue92Scheduled Round RobinU14B
O1-5Sat, Mar 1716:45Seven Oaks Red29Scheduled Round RobinOpen 1
O2-5Sat, Mar 1717:00Seven Oaks Blue53Scheduled Round RobinOpen 2
O1-6Sat, Mar 1718:00Seven Oaks Red34Scheduled Round RobinOpen 1
O2-6Sat, Mar 1718:15Seven Oaks Blue83Scheduled Round RobinOpen 2
12A-7Sun, Mar 1808:00Seven Oaks Red103Scheduled Semi-FinalU12A
14B-7Sun, Mar 1808:15Seven Oaks Blue82Scheduled Semi-FinalU14B
12A-8Sun, Mar 1809:30Seven Oaks Red64Scheduled FinalU12A
14B-8Sun, Mar 1809:45Seven Oaks Blue56Scheduled FinalU14B
14A-7Sun, Mar 1811:00Seven Oaks Red74Scheduled Semi-FinalU14A
14C-7Sun, Mar 1811:15Seven Oaks Blue24Scheduled Semi-FinalU14C
14A-8Sun, Mar 1812:30Seven Oaks Red37Scheduled FinalU14A
14C-8Sun, Mar 1812:45Seven Oaks Blue107Scheduled FinalU14C
16B-7Sun, Mar 1814:00Seven Oaks Red76Scheduled Semi-FinalU16B
O1-7Sun, Mar 1814:15Seven Oaks Blue35Scheduled Semi-FinalOpen 1
16B-8Sun, Mar 1815:30Seven Oaks Red43Scheduled FinalU16B
O1-8Sun, Mar 1815:45Seven Oaks Blue34Scheduled FinalOpen 1
19B-7Sun, Mar 1817:00Seven Oaks Red54Scheduled Semi-FinalU19B
O2-7Sun, Mar 1817:15Seven Oaks Blue74Scheduled Semi-FinalOpen 2
19B-8Sun, Mar 1818:30Seven Oaks Red36Scheduled FinalU19B
O2-8Sun, Mar 1818:45Seven Oaks Blue30Scheduled FinalOpen 2